Monkey Sand Sculpture

This sand frog is one of my favorites. It is only about 6 inches tall.
Look out for the sand gator. He seems like he might be hungry but not to worry ... his diet is sand frogs..... This sand sculpture is just 14 inches long. You might think that a small sand sculpture is easier to create then the multiple ton sculptures I usually do but it is actually harder and takes longer! The results though are still pretty cool...
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Art....communicating idea thoughts into physical reality

A Monkey on the
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it is made of Sand

sand monkey
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The sand sculptures on this page were created for a fun party and are very small compared to an average sand sculpture. The smaller size is actually much harder to create and requires a finer quality sand. I was hired to create these pieces and more for a party that had a Costa Rican theme. The monkey was the star of the show. He and the toucan (not pictured) the frogs and the other works teamed together to make the evening a sandy success!
sand gator
sand frog

Sculpting these pieces in sand taught me a lot about patience and a steady hand. This was the first time I tried to created sand sculptures this small. I had no idea that there would be such a difference from working with the multiple ton pieces I had sculpted prior to this work. With a big sand sculpture I use bigger tools and larger sweeping motions. With small sculptural pieces such as these I had a difficult time finding tools small enough handle the details. I had to improvise and construct tools not normally used in this medium. Besides the size of the tools there was another thing that quickly made itself known. I could not drink coffee before or during the work. The slightest thing that could effect the steadiness of my hands had to be removed. On a bigger sand sculpture this was only a minor adjustment but there is no wiggle room here...key word wiggle. One ever so slight wiggle in the wrong place and.... oops off with a nose!

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