Abstract Thoughts

by Artist J.W.Gruber

Enter Doors into Abstract Thoughts


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As a writer, sculptor, song writer and artist I have been fortunate to see the world outside the box of social confinement. Many times
I have found a voice in the written word and the freedom of thoughts that express my perspective. This page represents one such
expression that reaches beneath the boundaries and searches for answers that cannot be known in a human thought....only felt.
To provoke thought is to entice a comfort of agreement. To entice truth we must go further.
I began writing when I was very young and through out the years I have expressed my thoughts in many different types of stories, poems and songs. The style of writing that has always intrigued me the most is that of what I call channel writing or surge writing. It is not something I sit down to do and it is not something that happens very often. Channel writing for me is when a strong impulse to speak through words grabs me by the mental short hairs, throws me down and makes me purge the inspiration in one long unedited roll. The Humbling of Idealism on the page through the doors is a good example.
The way in which the words appear on the page does not have a sense of identity with me and I do not use conscious thought to construct the words. I am only aware of the process of filtering the words onto the page through my fingers and letting go of any judgment that might interrupt the flow. When I am finished there is a feeling of creative rush that seems to compare with creative expressions I have done in other more three dimensional mediums. Take a little break and go on a mind trip in the Humbling of Idealism. Be careful not to bruise any brain cells...haha
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