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sand sculptor John Gruber

J. W. Gruber
Sand Sculpture


sand sculpture from around the world by John Gruber
sand castle by John Gruber
sand sculpture by J.W.Gruber
sand castles for weddings by John Gruber
I became professionally involved in creating sand sculpture because of it elegant, yet simple beauty. It's temporary existence brings a balance to the more permanent works like the stoneware and porcelain clays I've created with. Sand sculpture is a slow and patient sculptural medium and yet I can create a 10 ton sand sculptures in just a few days. The picture collage above represents a small sampling of sand sculptures that I have created in Europe and the United States. Some of the sand sculptures are 35 feet tall. You can get a sense of the scale from the Lommel Belgium newspaper page. The sand sculpture pictures on the right show the smaller scale as they are just thirty six inches tall and created for wedding receptions.
8 ft tall, 10 ton Sand Sculpture at Citizens Bank Park,
Home of the Philladelphia Phillies in June 2013.
What a great time it was sculpting this piece at the stadium! Every one of the Phillies staff were just excellent to work with. The sculpture took three days to complete. Its composition was designed to promote the Professional Sand Sculpting competition in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I once lived in a world where my work would speak for me......
......I still believe it is my most important communication .....

................J.W.Gruber 2012

As you can see from all the smiles this 10 ton sand sculpture at Phillies Citizan Bank Park is engaging. While the Phillie Phanatic wonders about his reflection in the sand, David Montgomery, Philadelphia Phillies CEO and Elizabeth Cartmell President of the Atlantic City Alliance show the magical affect that a sand sculpture can have on everyone, even in a Major League Baseball park.

raku mask
I guess I better get in a few words about my clay works being that I have worked with this earthly material all my life. I found the touch of clay when I was 16 years old and sold my first piece when I was 17. My clearest voice in clay came when I discovered the spiritual nature of Raku. The 2 pieces below are Raku. Please see my other clay works on the various pages of my website. There is wheel thrown dinnerware, sculpted handle mugs, large floor pieces and more.
Raku Horse Sculpture
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