Commissions are welcomed and are an exciting experience! Working with a client I seek to engage their persona to reveal a sense of the character that will influence my creations. I want my clients to experience the "WOW" factor when the sculpture, graphic design, web site or any of the possible creative projects is complete so designs are discussed thoroughly.

Once the design is agreed on, a deposit is taken, materials gathered and the rest is up to years of experience and inspiration! Please feel free to contact me by email with any questions. thank you for your interest in my work. I look forward to the excitement of working with you to create

I became professionally involved in creating sand sculpture 20 years ago because of its elegant, yet simple beauty. It's temporary existence brings a balance to the more permanent works. Sand sculpture is a slow and patient sculptural medium and yet I can create a 10 ton sand sculptures in just a few days. I have created in Europe and the United States with some of the sand sculptures taller then 35 feet. While others are on a very small scale as they are just thirty six inches tall and created for wedding receptions.

I found the touch of clay when I was 16 years old and sold my first clay piece when I was 17 and created my first clay commission piece when I was 18. My clearest voice in clay came years later when I discovered the spiritual nature of Raku. My Raku work expresses the spontaneity of events, almost accidental, where the elegance and uniqueness of "imperfections" may be seen from a perspective of unpretentious beauty.

My graphic art design work has covered some diverse areas. My first successful design was for a lecture at a convention. I design the visual aids for the speaker. From there many others have followed from designs for corporate parties to local company brochures and signs.

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Raku Perceptive Division Sculpture
Raku Moon Sculpture
Raku Sun Sculpture
Raku Hawk Mask Sculpture
Raku Decay Sculpture
Raku Mermaid Sculpture
Raku Turtle Sculpture
Raku Background
Raku Reclining Nude Sculpture
Raku Horse Sculpture 1
Raku Picasso Alien Sculpture
Raku Dragon Sculpture 4
Raku Abstract Nude Sculpture
Raku Horse Sculpture 2

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Raku Cloaked Desire Sculpture
Raku Cougar Sculpture
Raku Fragment Man Mask
Raku Fragmentation Female Sculpture
Taku Dragon Sculpture D
Raku Mask Wonder
Raku Dragon Sculpture E
Raku Dragon Sculpture C
Raku Chaos Sculpture
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