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CD Graphic Art Design by John Gruber
Wolf Graphic Art Design by Artist John Gruber
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Mazza's Farm Market Sign
Mazza's Farm Market Sign
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I have been designing creatively for over 30 years and have the experience, skill and compositional talent to form your expressive ideas into a physical form in a graphic design. I create special works that are defined by the uniqueness of a clients voice transformed through an artist's vision. My works must have inspirations. If you can inspire me then I can create for you.

The top left picture show one of the Cd packages I designed. This one is for song writer Rick McGuire. Every detail was worked until the music and the art played beautifully together. I do all the graphic preparations and submissions for the Cd manufacture.

On the top right are several porcelain holiday ornaments. I designed these to be made with the finest porcelain china so that the design would have the best platform to be seen. They are 3 ½ inches tall.

Beneath the Cd is a save the wolves design created for an organization concerned with the preservation of our wildlife.

The designs for the Veterans Crossing Foundation included designing the logo, foldout brochure and a website. I took great personal pride in this design. I have many veterans in my family and a very high regard for their service. The Veterans Crossing Foundation was created to help homeless Veterans get back on their feet. The web site is a one stop information hub geared to provide easy access to veterans services.

Mazza's Farm Market and International Coffee needed a re-brand and I was happy to help them with these business signs.

I once lived in a world where my work would speak for me......
......I still believe it is the most important communication .....

................J.W.Gruber 2012

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These are examples of designs created for two local businesses. I worked with the client to discover their compositional color preference and a general context of their ideas. After drafting several ideas we get to a selection and perfect the details until satisfaction is achieved
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