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Artist Milton Gruber

Milton Gruber Paintings and Pottery
Artist Milton Gruber Painting
Milton Gruber Painting
Painting by Milton
Stoneware Platter by Milton Gruber
Milton Gruber Painting
Milton Gruber Art Painting
Raku by Milton Gruber
Raku by Artist Milton Gruber
Painting by Artist Milton Gruber
Stoneware Platter by Milton Gruber
Water Vase by Artist Milton Gruber
Water Vase by Artist Milton Gruber
Pottery Vase by Milton Gruber
Raku Pottery Vase
Raku Main
The works on this page are a small sampling of my brother Milton's Art. As a potter he has exceptional talent and a life time of experience. His clay work has included wonderful dinnerware sets, beautiful vases, unusual sculptural expressions and a whole lot more. Most of his work in clay has been in stoneware clays that require over 2250 degrees temperature to mature. Many years ago Milton and I began exploring a lower temperature clay that had a very unique style. It is called Raku and matures at only 1750 degrees. Raku is also a completely different way of working with clay. (for Raku history go to my Raku pages) His interest and inspirations in Raku revealed many new approaches to his creative life as an artist and as a person. Milton's positive outlook is shared with all that have come to know him. Milton as a painter developed his own unique signature in the style of his canvasses. His fluid transition of inner voice to brush stroke speaks to the core of identifying who he is and the depth to which he speaks. Living in Switzerland Milton has found a large audience of European collectors that appreciate and respect his life's work

Artist J.W.Gruber has been expressing his unique style of creative works beginning at the age of 16 with an introduction to art by his brother Milton Gruber. Clay art has been a passion which formed a foundation from which he grew, expanded and explored the many mediums of his life.

When inside the temple's domain of creativity it is best to ride the ride and and be satisfied with the fleeting moment.....

I once lived in a world where my work would speak for me...... ......I still believe it is my most important communication .....

................J.W.Gruber 2012

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Raku by Milton Gruber
Stoneware Vase by Milton Gruber