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During the many years I have worked creatively I have had many opportunities to travel in the United States and also in Europe. The contrast of landscapes in the different states, cities and countries was sometimes dramatic due to the way the sun's light would playfully reflect upon the forests and valleys and mountains. The lush green of early summer Switzerland valleys is made ever more spectacular in late afternoon when the shadows would cast long into the vista. Also at play in the Swiss countryside were vast fields of yellow flowers and mountain hillsides covered with wine grapes. I found similar sun drenched beauty in the Appalachian mountain range in the United States and several locations in France. One of my favorite places for a beautiful view is on the west side of Mount Corno Switzerland where my brother lives. During the summer you can see the city of La Chaux de Fonds nestled into the valley while the sun slowly sets behind the mountains. In the city of La Chaux de Fonds during the spring (which comes later in the season then I am used to) I took a couple of perspective pictures, one from a bridge overlooking a road entering the city and the other from a street near my brother's studio. Then about a 40 minute drive away near the border of Switzerland and France is another picturesque valley as seen from a mountain top place called the crows nest. I found natures beauty everywhere and sometimes had my camera ready to snap off a few pictures as you can see from the photos above and that has to include at least one sand sculpture. This one with the moon is from a sand sculpture I created for a Belgium event. The sculpture is 35 feet tall and can be seen in its entirety on my sand sculpture page. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the photos!
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