Stoneware Porcelain and Terracotta
stoneware lizard bowl sculpture
Lizard Dish 
This stoneware piece is 14 inches across. The lizard was sculpted in position by carefully adding clay to the dish and carving the lizard after the clay became "leather" hard. Extra Care was taken in drying and firing to prevent any cracks or flaws from forming
red snake jar terracotta
stoneware pottery lizard vase
Snake Jar This wheel thrown red clay jar is just over 17 inches tall to the top of the snake head and approx. 12 inches wide.The snakes were sculpted in position by carefully adding clay to the jar and carving the snakes after the clay became "leather" hard. Extra Care was taken in drying and firing to prevent any cracks or flaws from forming but it did aquire a surface flaw on the inside. Time and handling have added a couple of chips to the lid but this is such an excellent piece of work that should hardly matter. The snakes weave in and out of the jar and finally exit through the lid.
stoneware bear dish
four bears stoneware sculptured pottery bottle
Salmon Bear DishThis 14 inch stoneware dish was created from a slab of clay. As the clay was drying to a leather hard state I noticed that a Bear was staring at me from the surface! Naturally I released him! He was a little angry that I had disturbed his dinner of fish........
stoneware sculpture pottery jar four bears

Awakened with hunger.....Awakened the Bear ...In time would be meaning....Ttaken with care............ Unknown of no virtue... Unknowable truth... Once springs eternal... Yet never too soon.....The Bear wakes in turn.... With ravenous wonder... Inside of his emptiness... Drives the heart of his thunder...
Seeking to live....He remembers to die........... Only his will of the moment... Decides.....

Four Seasons of the Bear This 18 inch stoneware sculpture was created from slabs of clay with a wheel thrown base.The bears were modeled seperately and added on. The four seasons follow the bear as he comes out of his sleepy cave, feeds his hunger with fish and love and then completes the cycle back to his solitude.
porcelain vase
4 bears sculptured stoneware pottery jar
Porcelain Flame 
beautiful translucent porcelain
This porcelain vase is approx. 9 inches tall. It is made from my own personal formula. The porcelain color and quality matches that of a bone china but with a warm translucence designed into it.The colored design was created using metal oxides.
stoneware floor vase iron trees
This is probably one of the most unusual and rare pieces that you will ever see. This vase was in the Atlantic City Art Museum when it burned down in the early 1980's! Smoke from the fire can be seen embedded in the glaze (see close up). I still have the newspaper clippings showing this vase sitting on the beach after fireman rescued it from the burning rubble. It is impressive to me that this vase did not shatter from the heat which was hot enough to soften the glaze surface.
Tree Vase 
a very special vase....survived art center fire
wheel thrown stoneware
approx. ht. - 22 inches
the painting was created using metal oxides
spongeware pottery teapot wheel thrown
Lizard Vase
Wheel thrown stoneware vase. 9 inches tall with lizard sculpted in place.
Spongeware Dinnerware
cobalt blue sponge pattern on dishwasher safe glaze
wheel thrown stoneware -- lead free glaze-- dishwasher safe-- microwave safe
clay floor vase
stoneware handmade tea pot

Starfish Floor Vessel 
very large floor piece...

wheel thrown and altered stoneware

approx. 36 inches tall

stoneware pottery jar wheel thrown
Claywindow Pottery banner
mermaid pottery mugmermaid pottery mugjersey devil pottery mugjersey devil pottery mugcherub pottery mug
Claywindow Pottery banner
The clays used in the stoneware and porcelain work is formulated to mature at 2250 degrees F. At this temperature the pottery is vitrified and strong. The vessals that support the sculptures are "thrown" on a potter's wheel. The funtional pottery is covered with a glaze that is "leadfree" and dishwasher safe.
The terracotta is my own formula and matures at 1940 degrees F
stoneware lizard sculpture dish
red snake pottery jar terracotta collage
tree vase stoneware pottery

Lizard Bowl

wheel thrown stoneware bowl with lizard sculpted onto rim. The bowl is 12" in diameter and 5" high.

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