Sand Sculptures by J.W.Gruber

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sand sculpture Maine Sorrows Passage

Sand Sculpture
created in
New Hampshire, USA. Modeled after
National Geographic cover 1980's

sand sculpture Egyptian Ra

Egyptian Ra replica
for European Sand Sculpture event
8 feet tall
and weighs 14 tons

tatoo indian sand sculpture Belgium 2002
Tatoo Indian 
a life size South American Indian with intrique tatoo
Belgium Sand Sculpture Exhibition
sand sculpture
the Spanish conquer South America
9 feet long and 6 feet tall
Belgium Sand Sculpture Exhibition
fertility sand sculpture collage
the fertility Gods of South America
Sand Sculpture is approx. 9 feet long and was inspired by the fertility statues of South America.
Strativarious sand sculpture
a musical addition to a sand pile 35 feet tall from top to bottom and weighs 400 tons. Features a 5 ft. bust of Stradivarius on a 14 ft. violin with a sand artisian to put on the finishing touch
indian fishing sand sculpture Belgium

Indian Family  
down to the river to catch dinner.
This sand sculpture stands 9 feet tall from top to bottom

Neptune sand castle sculpture
Neptune's Castle Orchard Beach Maine
Lommel Belgium Sand Sculpture Neptune
The sand sculpture height is approx. 35 feet tall from top to bottom and weighs more then 400 tons. Features an underwater scene with King Neptune holding a 30 ft ship, sea horses, giant crabs and strange fish. The press photo gives a good perspective of size.
Ogre sand sculpture Jersey England

Jersey England sand sculpture
Jersey Island sand sculpture Ogre

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Mixed Media
Cat in the Hat Sculpture Swedesboro NJ
Iwo Jima Sand Sculpture

Day Sculpture
Atlantic City
...Sand Sculptures can be created almost anywhere. Indoor sand sculptures may be limited in size due to weight restrictions of the sculpture site. Outdoor sand sculptures have no weight resrictions. Sand Sculptures are available for private parties, corporate events, weddings, photo shoots and just about any event that desires publicity or festive memories. For more information please contact me at EMAIL
Iwo Jima Sand Sculpture
Iwo Jima Sand Sculpture
Iwo Jima Sand Sculpture
Belgium sand sculpture 2002
sand sculpture Belgium
Belgium Sand Sculpture Egypt
Belgium sand sculpture indian head
tatoo indian sand sculpture
Sand sculpture of conquistador Blankenberg Belgium
sand sculpture Blankenberg Belgium
sand sculpture indian fertility gods
indian fertility sand sculpture Belgium
little indian girl sand sculpture
Philadephia 76ers sand sculpture for dance team
sand sculpture Belgium
Strativarious sand sculpture artisan
J.W.Gruber sand sculpture
Jersey Island England sand sculpture
Jersey sand sculpture England
Ogre sand sculpture closeup
Skull Warior sand sculpture
sand sculpture Ogre Jersey Island

Isle of Jersey England
Sand Sculpture for Exhibition

Theme Good and Evil

NY State Fair Sand Castle
aligator sand sculpture
bride groom sand sculpture
father timepeace sand sculpture
Harrahs_monopoly_sand sculpture-
IslandGirls-sand sculpture
sand castle
Sanda sand sculpture Stone Harbor NJ
Texas Sand sculpture horse
sand sculpture cat in the hat

created for 2011 Outdoor Living Town Festival
This sand sculpture stands approx. 14 feet tall to the top of the castle and weighs 25 tons.. The sculpture of Neptune is 7 ft. tall
Sand Sculpture created for Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Dance Team Calendar
Philadelphia 76ers
Lommel Belgium Sand Sculpture Exhibition 2005
Sand Sculpture in Lommel Belgium
Sand Sculpture Belgium 2005
sand sculpture strange fish
sand sculpture crab detail
Worlds Biggest Indoor Sand Castle NY State Fair 1998
NY State Fair sand castle
Sanda Sand Sculpture Stone Harbor NJ
Stone Harbor NJ 2012 Holiday Display Sand Sculpture 96th St (click for more)
Stone Harbor NJ holiday sand sculpture Santa
Sanda sand sculpture Stone Harbor NJ Holiday Display
Sanda sand sculpture Stone Harbor NJ Holiday Display
NY State Fair sand castle 1998
Texas Sand Fest 2012
Texas Sand Fest
Sand Sculpture Horse Texas Sand Fest
This is my favorite sand stands 33ft tall and weighs 412 tons. Notice the height to base width ratio...
Back Yard Sand Sculptures
Cousin's Restaurant
Wedding Sculpture
Harrahs Casino
Atlantic City
76ers sand sculpture
Stone Harbor NJ sand sculpture Santa 2012
New Jersey
American Water Company
NJ American Water Sand Sculpture 2013
Philadelphia Flyers 2013
Philadelphia Flyers Sand Sculpture
Philadelphia Flyers Sand Sculpture
Philadelphia Flyers Sand Sculpture
Philadelphia Flyers Sand Sculpture
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles Sand Sculpture
Philadelphia Eagles Sand Sculpture 2014
Sand Sculpture created for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013 and 2014 as a "Back to Football" promotional event
sand sculpture Stone Harbor 2014
Stone Harbor Centennial Beach Opening 2014
sand sculpture gnome
sand sculpture Santa

Coffee House
Farm Market
Northfield, NJ

website security
Philadelphia Phillies Citizen's Bank Park
Philadelphia Phillies Sand Sculpt 2013
Phillies Sand Sculpture 2013
Philadelphia Phillies Sand Sculpture
Phillies Sand Sculpture 2014

Philadelphia Phillies Ten Ton Sand Sculpture created at Citizens Bank Park in 2013 and 2014 to promote the Professional Sand Sculpting competition in Atlantic City, NJ. Sponcered by the Atlantic City Alliance
Click Here for More

Sand Sculpture for the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Training Camp Opening Event