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George Washington Sculpture

George Washington Sculpture
Created by:
Raku Main
The sculpture pictured was created for the Atlantic City NJ Boardwalk as a part of a fun tourism project. To find out more about this type of sculpture please email me with your questions. I will respond ASAP.
Features: 6 ft
one of the difficulties in doing a piece like this was deciding which of the depictions of George Washington to use..All of the paintings of him during his lifetime presented different images. In the end I went with my own interpretation!
This six foot tall sculpture of George Washington started out as a solid block of polystyrene that was to be used for the body. The head would be carved from a different block. My first step was to study the block and discover where George was hiding. The next trick was to get him out of there. Sculpting the dense polystyrene was interesting and messy. Standard sculpting tools were mostly useless. The tools that I found to be most effective were simple and uncomplicated. A couple hand saws a couple of rasps, some sandpaper and a bold steady hand were all I needed. Accounting for the arm and leg positions took patience while I cut away the bulk. Once the roughed out form was created using the hand saws I turned to the rasps to sculpt the body into a proportional shape. At this point I began using various grades of sand paper to fine tune the sculpture adding all the details and getting the proportions tight. With the body complete it was time to move on to the head and hands. I used different type of styro to get a better detail surface. When the sculpture was completely formed it was covered in a clear epoxy, painted and mounted onto a steel base then off to the Atlantic City Boardwalk! The sculpture was completed in about sixty hours
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