Holiday Sand Sculpture

Stone Harbor NJ Holiday Sand Sculpture
Created by Artist J.W.Gruber
25 tons of sand were used to create this 8 ft tall Sand Sculpture in Stone Harbor NJ in 2012 for their Featured Holiday Display.

It is approx.15 ft wide x 20 ft long x 8 ft tall.

Stone Harbor NJ Christmas Sand Sculpture 2012
Stone Harbor Santa Claus Sand Sculpture
Stone Harbor NJ Holiday Sand Sculpture
On Display on 96th Street throughout the 2012 Holiday Season!

Kind Regards to all the wonderful people I met in Stone Harbor during the week of sculpture!

Stone Harbor Sand Sculpture Day 1
Stone Harbor Santa Sand Sculpture closeup
Santa Sand Sculpture Day 2 Stone Harbor NJ
Stone Harbor NJ Sand Sculpture Day 4
Christmas Sand Sculpture Stone Harbor Santa
Stone Harbor Sand Sculpture Stone Harbor Santa
Santa Sand Sculpture Stone Harbor NJ
Christmas 2012 Sand Sculpture Stone Harbor
Photo courtesy of Stephen M Kraft
Photo courtesy of Stephen M Kraft
Photo courtesy of Peter Kiesewetter
Sand sculpture Stune Harbor NJ Santa
Santa sand sculpture 2012
Happy Holidays!
As a Professional Sand Sculptor for over 20 years I have traveled the world creating works of Art in the unusual medium of sand. Many sand sculptures were created for major sand sculpting events and seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Others were personalized sand castles for a special moment such as wedding reception or a proposal. There have also been many occasions to create an eye catching sand sculpture for a corporate event or business opening which usually resulted in newspaper and television exposure. I became professionally involved in creating sand sculpture because of it elegant, yet simple beauty. It's temporary existence brings a balance to the more permanent works I've created with. Sand sculpture is a slow and patient sculptural medium that when done well leaves you with a sense of wonder. It can touch the heart and frame a smile! Sand Sculptures can be created almost anywhere indoors and out. Outdoor sand sculptures require a workable sand quality at the location of the event. prices for sand castles are for events in Atlantic and Cape May Counties Extra fees for travel will apply for other locations. I build sand castles and sand sculptures all over the world. Please contact me for a free consultation
What a great time it was sculpting this piece in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. The sand sculpture is engaging and has a magical effect for the holiday season!
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