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I like what I have been able to create so far.....and I loved doing it....:)

As a Professional Sand Sculptor for over 20 years I have traveled the world creating works of Art in the unusual medium of sand. Many sand sculptures were created for major sand sculpting events and seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Others were personalized sand castles for a special moment of a bride and groom at their wedding. There have also been many occasions to create an eye catching sand sculpture for a corporate event or business opening which usually resulted in newspaper and television exposure.


What will my next sand creation be? Perhaps it will be something for you!


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Sand Sculptor John Gruber

Artist J.W.Gruber has been expressing his unique style of creative works beginning at the age of 16 with an introduction to art by his brother Milton Gruber. Clay art has been a passion which formed a foundation from which he grew and expanded into sand sculpture, music, graphic art design, web design and just about any medium that required good composition and skillful application.
I became professionally involved in creating sand sculpture because of it elegant, yet simple beauty. It's temporary existence brings a balance to the more permanent works like the stoneware and porcelain clays I've created with. Sand sculpture is a slow and patient sculptural medium and yet I can create a 10 ton sand sculptures in just a few days. The picture collage above represents a small sampling of sand sculptures that I have created in Europe and the United States. Some of the sand sculptures are 35 feet tall. You can get a sense of the scale from the Lommel Belgium newspaper page. Then there are sand sculptures of a smaller scale, just thirty six inches tall and created for wedding receptions.

When inside the temple's domain of creativity it is best to ride the ride and and be satisfied with the fleeting moment.
Pictured here to the left I am working my way down a 60 foot sand sculpture in Belgium. This was a huge project covering over 2 acres and millions of pounds of sand.
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