Wedding Sand Castle 27 Towers
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sand castle sculpture by John Gruber

Wedding Sand Castle 27 Towers

sand castle sculpture by John Gruber
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Sand Sculptures can be created almost anywhere. Indoor sand sculptures for wedding events are typically around 600 lbs of sand in a four foot area and require a minimum of six hours to create. There is no unsightly mess. I supply all that is needed to make a sand castle or sand sculpture a part of your very special day. Outdoor sand sculptures require a workable sand quality at the location of the event. Sand Sculptures and sand castles are available for your wedding, wedding reception and even proposals
prices for sand castles are for events in Atlantic and Cape May Counties Extra fees for travel will apply for other locations. I build sand castles and sand sculptures all over the world. Please contact me for a free consultation
As a Professional Sand Sculptor for over 20 years I have traveled the world creating works of Art in the unusual medium of sand. Many sand sculptures were created for major sand sculpting events and seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Others were personalized sand castles for a special moment such as wedding reception where the bride and groom sand sculpture pictured here was a photo opt for all the guests at the wedding. There have also been many occasions to create an eye catching sand sculpture for a corporate event or business opening which usually resulted in newspaper and television exposure. I became professionally involved in creating sand sculpture because of it elegant, yet simple beauty. It's temporary existence brings a balance to the more permanent works I've created with. Sand sculpture is a slow and patient sculptural medium that when done well leaves you with a sense of wonder. It can touch the heart and frame a smile!
The sand castle pictured represents a design layout for the sand sculpture. Most of the time the bride and groom allow me artistic license to explore a personalized inspiration especially for them based on the 27 Tower Castle design
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