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Raku Sculpture and Raku Pottery created in Switzerland
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Original Raku Sculpture and Raku Pottery Created by Artist

Raku BowlRaku Bowl
Raku BowlRaku Bowl
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Raku Sculpture abstract

This piece stands approx. 9 inches tall and was created from slabs and scraps of a good robust raku clay. The white and yellow crackle glaze created by my brother and I worked beautifully. Sawdust was used to reduce the exposed clay to a nice charcoal black and penetration into the glaze crackle is excellent!

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raku abstract
raku abstract vase
The Raku technique is that of a very fast kiln firing to a lower temperature maturity. When maturing temperature is reached (usually from 1750 to 1850 degrees F) the ware is removed immediately and smothered in combustible materials, usually sawdust. The result is an economical, aesthetically pleasing, pottery that does not cause an offensive sound if bumped. This is due to the lower density of the fired clay and the glaze crackle that occurs when it cools quickly. The smoke from the burning wood works its way into the fractured glass surface in spontaneous patterns. In the 1920’s Bernard Leach, a well known English potter, learned the Raku technique while in Japan. When he returned to England he experimented with smoking the pottery in combustible materials thus introducing the style well known today. My work uses this smoked style to create a unique and spontaneous look to sculpture inspired by inner thought and peaceful reflection. There is a certain freedom that attracts me when working with Raku. Perhaps it is the spiritual foundation from which Raku originated or maybe it’s the necessary relinquishing of control in the firing. Or it may be just the simplicity of black and white symbolically represented. A Yin and Yang of its potential to express. Probably it is all these things. When a piece transcends the fire and smoke and is revealed for the first time I am thankful for being a part of its transformation from earth to clay to fire to water …..to art….to life……
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