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Raku Sculpture and Raku Pottery created in Switzerland
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Original Raku Sculpture and Raku Pottery Created by Artist

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Raku Sculpture Amazon Man
Raku Sculpture Amazon Man

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The Amazon Man is
conceptual creation. It is based upon
an interpretation of our hiddon nature. In
each of us is a primal expression of the
intimate core of knowledge and experience
reflected in the outer shell that we perceive
as our human body and thinking mind. When I create a piece of work like this I am releasing
the boundaries of my human form into the clay.
The Amazon Man was created in the studio
of my brother Milton in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland and fired in the Jura mountains
of Switzerland. The sculptured head is made with a heavy grogged Raku clay and fired
in a Raku style..
It is approx. 13 inches high
Raku as a sculptural technique is relatively new compared to the origin of it’s inception and even older when considering the birth of it’s inspiration. Originally the Raku technique was used to create tea sets for the Japanese tea ceremony. In the 16th century Raku tea service pottery was developed by Chojiro the son of pottery makers Ameya and his wife Teirin. Chojiro’s work so pleased the ruling territorial lord that he was given the title symbol “Raku” from the Chinese character Kanji meaning enjoyment, pleasure, contentment. The Raku technique is that of a very fast kiln firing to a lower temperature maturity. When maturing temperature is reached (usually from 1750 to 1850 degrees F) the ware is removed immediately and smothered in combustible materials, usually sawdust. The result is an economical, aesthetically pleasing, pottery that does not cause an offensive sound if bumped. This is due to the lower density of the fired clay and the glaze crackle that occurs when it cools quickly
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