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Raku Sculpture Long Tongue

Raku Sculpture and Raku Pottery created in Switzerland
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Original Raku Sculpture and Raku Pottery Created by Artist

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Raku BowlRaku Bowl
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Raku Sculpture Long Tongue

created for a piecing boutique
jewelry display. It is pierced in the ears,
eyebrows, nose, tongue and spikes..
was created in the studio of my
brother Milton in La Chaux de Fonds,
Switzerland and fired in the Jura mountains
of Switzerland..
The sculpture is made with a heavy grogged
Raku clay and fired in a Raku style that
produces the unique affects seen in the picture.
The smoked color and crackle lines are
typical of this style.
It is approx. 12 inches high

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Raku Sculpture Long Tongue
Artist J.W.Gruber has been expressing his unique style of creative works beginning at the age of 16 with an introduction to art by his brother Milton Gruber. Clay art has been a passion which formed a foundation of growth and expansion. The Raku sculpture created here is from a distinctly different inspiration and a distinctly different location then my studio. It was created in Switzerland working with my brother and firing at his chalet on Mount Corno I experienced a clarity that profoundly channeled my creative focus. It was more then the peaceful valley with its echoes of distant cowbells that conceived of the expression in the raku sculpture. It was also more then the late afternoon sun descending behind the Jura Mountains and leaving behind gloriously painted summer valleys, their long shadows stretching out for one last gaze of sunshine. It was even more then the presence of my brother Milton, a gifted potter and painter, his way of the artist has always been my sanity's strength. This Raku work found its contrast and from life at the Jersey shore in the U.S. I believe it is a contrast more in its social structure and cultural outlook then in the geographical location. At the shore there are no imposing mountains to control the probabilities of living. But there is the ocean and it is every bit the imposing and powerful force the decides the path of fate. Each work speaks for me in a way I cannot express in words. Observe the different voices of the sculptures on my web site raku pages and hear them speak. The sculptures created here in New Jersey. Perceptive Division, Decay, Fragmented Man and the rest of the American works are strangely tied to the Swiss work and yet so different, very much like the lives of my brother and me.
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