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Raku Sculpture and Raku Pottery created in Switzerland
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Original Raku Sculpture and Raku Pottery Created by Artist

Raku BowlRaku Bowl
Raku BowlRaku Bowl
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Raku Sculpture Vase

This piece stands approx. 10 inches tall and was created from 2 slabs of a good robust raku clay. The white crackle glaze was created by my brother and I and worked beautifully. Sawdust was used to reduce the exposed clay to a nice charcoal black and penetration into the glaze crackle is excellent!

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raku vase
raku vase
The glaze needed to stress crackle fairly consistently once it was removed from the kiln fire at approx. 1750 degrees F and placed into a tub full of sawdust igniting the sawdust in a blaze of fire. The resulting smoke then penetrated every area that was not glazed including the crackles in the glaze as it cooled. The black charcoal appearance is the smoke from the sawdust embedded in the raku clay body. My Raku creations come to life in a moment when freedom of mind body and spirit synchronize into a fluid movement of hands and clay. Raku clay for me is a material that can deliver my voice in a way that I have not found in other mediums. The clear way in which raku clay forms in my hands allows me to detach from identifiable thoughts and dance in the bright darkness. There is definition to the boundaries, a distinct line that may not be crossed. When inside the temple's domain of creativity it is best to ride the ride and and be satisfied with the fleeting moment. The Raku technique is that of a very fast kiln firing to a lower temperature maturity. When maturing temperature is reached (usually from 1750 to 1850 degrees F) the ware is removed immediately and cooled in water. The result is an economical, aesthetically pleasing, pottery that does not cause an offensive sound. Raku has come to mean an appreciation of the natural order of things that are fresh and uncomplicated. Raku expresses the spontaneity of events, almost accidental, where the elegance and uniqueness of "imperfections" may be seen from a perspective of unpretentious beauty. When a piece transcends the fire and smoke and is revealed for the first time I am thankful for being a part of its transformation from earth to clay to fire to water …..to art….to life……
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