Sculpture of David

Created by:
Frosty Surroundings!
Raku Main
On some occasions as a sand sculptor I find it necessary to make a clay model so that I can examine the sculptural elements and get the information needed to scale the piece up or down. For a sand sculpture the design must fit into a predetermined block of sand. Making a clay model is very important when the sculpture is complicated. For this sculpture of David's head it wasn't so much the complication as much as I just wanted to do the sculpture and see what it could teach me. The first lesson was that it is work where as I prefer fun. It is fun to explore your own uniqueness. It is work to reproduce someone elses. The second lesson was the mind boggling complexity of David's hair. Trying to see the depth and line from a picture was very difficult. I think the piece came out pretty good and made for an excellent sand sculpture!

When inside the temple's domain of creativity it is best to ride the ride and and be satisfied
with the fleeting moment.

I once lived in a world where my work would speak for me,

I still believe it is my most important communication ..... ................J.W.Gruber 2012

Artist J.W.Gruber has been expressing his unique style of creative works beginning at the age of 16 with an introduction to art by his brother Milton Gruber. Clay art has been a passion which formed a foundation from which he grew, expanded and explored the many mediums of his life...
The sculpture pictured is the original clay model. I plan to reproduce this sculpture in plaster. The price listed above is for a plaster edition of the sculpture,To place an order simply email me with your request. I will respond ASAP.
this sculpture was inspired by Michelangelo's "David" and was created as a study for a sand sculpture. It stands approx. 17 inches tall including the base.
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