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Mark Twain

Mark Twain Sculpture
Created by:
The sculpture pictured was created for the Atlantic City NJ Boardwalk as a part of a fun tourism project. To find out more about this type of sculpture please email me with your questions. I will respond ASAP.
Features: 6 ft
Mark Twain didn't last very long on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. He created a huge controversy when he was installed and after just a few weeks he was removed from the boardwalk. I have always been a Mark Twain fan because of his honesty and his integrity. I read all his books when I was growing up and got to know even more about him when I did some research for this project. He was a true humanitarian and in his day that took a lot of guts. I was truly mystified when he was called a racist by some people in Atlantic City. It stirred up so much controversy that he had to be removed. The local story grew into a national and international story. One of the things that I am very pleased about is that because of the controversy a lot more people got to know him better and in so doing their quality of thinking was effected in a positive way. Good for you Mark!
Raku Main
This six foot tall sculpture of Mark Twain started out as a solid block of polystyrene. My first step was to study the block and discover where Mark Twain was hiding. The next trick was to get him out of there. Sculpting the dense polystyrene was interesting and messy. Standard sculpting tools were mostly useless. The tools that I found to be most effective were simple and uncomplicated. A couple hand saws a couple of rasps, some sandpaper and a bold steady hand were all I needed. The sculpture was completed in about sixty hours
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