How to make a sand castle

  With patience, a steady hand and a need for some creative fun you can make your own sand castle creations and enjoy the beach in a special way :)  Hope you enjoy your visit. 

Sand castle time lapse

Artist J.W.Gruber

How To Make A Sand Castle Arch

 In this video How To Make a Sand Castle Arch I went to the Margate, NJ beach. The sand there is fine enough and clean enough to create a very nice sand castle. A good sand sculpture starts with fine particle sand. Beach sand will always allow the water to percolate through and this is important for making arches. You want the water to pass through the sand quickly...but not too quick. The sand will stiffen as the water moves away leaving the sand grains to come into close contact. When you watch the video you will see me holding my hand between the tower and the sand castle while I pile on wet sand. It can get a bit difficult to hold your hand steady for too long and you need to keep it steady so the sand can set into the support notches. You should be able to feel the sand firming and putting less weight on your hand. When the feel is just right you can slowly remove your hand and start carving the detail. 

How To Make Sand Castle Stairs

 In this video How To Make Sand Castle Stairs I demonstrate the basic technique for adding a stairway to your sand castle. Sand castle stairs can be straight as in this example or they can curve around a tower when your creative ideas call for it. Either way there is one important thing to know before you start cutting the stairs. You should always make sure that you are completely finished with all the sand work that is above the stairs. ALL of it! Sand castle stairs are details and details are very delicate on a sand sculpture. Good stairs have a nice clean edge to them and if sand our anything falls onto them and has to be removed it will most often soften or even ruin them. 

 Have you ever wondered how sand castles are made and wanted to learn? Do you have a party and want something unique for your guests to do? Are you a corporation or business and want to develope a team buiding program? Sand sculpture may be just the kind of event that will satisfy your need! For more information about my sandcastle workshops please email me and I will respond ASAP. your event early to ensure a special memory with the magic of sand! 

 "How to build a SandCastle" workshops are available all year long! Learn the secrets of professional sand sculpture and amaze your friends on the beach next summer! A sand castle can be created indoors or outdoors. Contact me for a free consultation. Make your next event something to remember........ 

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