$1.99 Buffet Band

You didn't want didn't need it..but here it is anyway...the organically inconceivable Christmas Album!!!

Santa gives it a
"Ho Ho Ho" says the North Pole

Greetings Cheers and Oh Look a Snowman is a Christmas Music CD like nothing you've ever heard...because the songs are all original by the $1.99 Buffet Band and who ever heard of them!!!. 

Down the Chimney by $1.99 Buffet Band

 Original Christmas song written and performed by the $1.99 Buffet Band. Down the Chimney is from the 2014 CD Greetings Cheers and...Oh Look a Snowman 

Santa B. Cause

 Santa B Cause  an original song from the CD Greetings Cheers and Oh Look a Snowman. Written and performed by the $1.99 Buffet Band 2014. 


  The $1.99 Buffet Band is a hit and run outfit always on the move. Before you know it there gone, but after time passes they strike again on an unsuspecting public. The band is constantly pushing the boundaries of music with broken strings, terrible lyrics and an occasional guitar noise.  

Stick Your Tongue Out

 Stick Your Tongue Out Jam from the upcoming CD It's Not Jelly It's Jam featuring Ron (where the hell are we?) O'Toole and John (sandman) Gruber. The $1.99 Buffet Band (all you can eat)  always gives you your moneys worth! 

99% Sure

 I am the 99%. This video was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in NYC. The song '99 Percent Sure" written by J.W.Gruber, protests the irresponsible behavior that has driven a great country, America, to its knees. Occupy Wall Street has opened a dialog of Americans from sea to shining sea. We the People must have a voice in our own country......the 99% majority.....I am very much the 99%. The lyrics to the song are available upon request.